Slumber (dog) was an Old English sheepdog that won best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1914. He was owned by Ms Taylor Vic and was "hands down" the winner of the show.

SLUMBERDOG on the other hand, spawned their new brand of grunge-trance-punk-groove-rock 100 years later, in a small town outside Birmingham. They have never been to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in their lives. However, their cold wet noses are a sure sign of good health, and their shiny coats are a joy to behold.


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Always Is (A Horse to be Reckoned with)

As long-standing allies on the Midlands live scene (and collaborative house-party ruiners since algebra times), the hair of the ‘Dog first began to sprout when newfound musical vagrants Ian Langford [drums/percussion] and Dan Willett [bass/synth/vocalised squawkings] sensed that the time was nigh following the implosion of their previous projects. Mere weeks later, the remaining piece of the puzzle was filled by Dan Alexis [lead vocals/guitar/Americanisms/magical song writing fancy-pants man] after the other Dan was hired to engineer and produce a new album for his band The Arkhamists. Meeting together at a local festival to discuss preproduction for the album, this new Dan (let’s call him “Imposter Dan” for clarity’s sake) explained that he had more song ideas than he knew what to do with – several of which were unsuited to either The Arkhamists or his solo material.

Thus, SLUMBERDOG woke up, rolled over and went to the rehearsal kitchen to sniff out some musical biscuits.

Blending rock and/or roll with progressive wet-trance in a filthy grunge aesthetic, debut album Orca lurches from one song to the next as the band juxtapose sombre and hypnotic beats with disarming swathes of breakneck distorted fury. Each track is made to groove and produce dreamlike states commonly known as Slumberditis. There is no cure.

In order to spread this contagion, the first objective for SLUMBERDOG is to mark their home territory on the local live scene in support of Orca, with further outbreaks to spread across the UK and beyond when the band go for walkies.