SLUMBERDOG are proud to present our first single in 2 (two!) years.

A lot of things have happened since we released Orca. Hardships have been faced, but good times have been had. Friends have been made, while others have traveled wherever lies beyond The Well. For better or worse, memories have occurred. More will come in time, you can bet your bumholes!

For now, this is the beginning of a new adventure. Following Dan A's departure across the globe and Ian's bionic wrist upgrades, it has taken us a while to reach this point. Longer than we anticipated. Much!

So, this is cause for celebration! To join the festive cheer, click your bad selves over to our music page and get your slobbering jaws around Life as a Giant Mouth, pt.1...


FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD for signing up:

Always Is (A Horse to be Reckoned with)

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